Loving Annabelle

Loving Annabelle – Sneak Peak

 You know what… You’re right. We should just keep this platonic. I’m sorry I kissed you. It won’t happen again. I was wrong. I thought that we had something, I don’t know special… Different. I have kissed girls yes, but no-one had made me feel the way you had, before I even kissed you I knew how good you would taste but I was afraid that this would happen. You would think of me as an opportunist and a pig who only wants one thing. I read the words and sit down on my bed again.

And for a second, I thought that you might have seen the real me… But I guess not. I put the phone down and close my eyes for a second.

Annabelle was smart, in fact so smart that you could label her a genius, and just to be sure you could ask her. She knew what people called her behind her back and for the longest time it didn’t bother her, she knew exactly where she was going and nothing could through her off course… Or so she thought…

Without warning her life got turned up side down when love came tumbling down on her from all different directions. A love so strong some would die for it, and even kill for it?

Will love be the way she always thought it to be or would she end up alone and empty as the life she had created for herself…

Loving Annabelle – Sneak Peak