Case of the Ex…

Case of the Ex – Sneak Peak

Being in love with Michael Moore all her life even after their heart breaking divorce Kim still couldn’t let him go and found herself wrapped up in their lust for each other every moment they got. He was without a doubt the best she had ever had.

“You should really get out there again… God Kim, it’s been like forever” Claudia says as she takes the two cups of coffee from the waiter and hands one to me. I take it and smiles.

“Well… Technically…” She stops me mid sentences and I freeze abruptly.

“Fucking your ex… Is not dating someone!” She looks at me hard I want to say something in my defense, but I bite my lip instead. Michael and I fucking again wasn’t healthy for us, well mostly for me.

“In my defense… It’s not like I planned on fucking him again… It just kind of happened”


Well, that was of course before she laid eyes on Adam. Adam Lamb-Turner, Mr Money himself.


“I don’t do triangles Kim… Way too complicated for me. I don’t need that kind of baggage.” I feel a little relieved.

“But I have to tell you… You looked breathtaking last night… I couldn’t stop staring” I felt the air leave my lungs again and so had my words. I was stunned to stone.

“Well me and all the other men in the room… I felt a little jealous that you didn’t belong to me” I feel dizzy and flustered. I sit down on the couch to stop myself from falling over.

“Kim… You’re still there” I take a deep breath.


Will she allow herself to be loved again or would her toxic love for Michael be the end of her?

Case of the Ex – Sneak Peak