Hello… 2017…

Well, I’m actually so delayed because the year is well on its way and I’m still trying to get into writing 2017 instead of 2016 on everything, but nevertheless we are here and I guess we have got to make the most of it.

I have to apologies for my absenteeism the last few months. I know I promised everyone a read a long adventure with one of my book, but my priorities went flying out the door as I took on new ventures and started exploring into new avenues where my creativity is concerned.

Well the good news is that 2016 has taught me to start taking serious action into getting this going and making a success of all this talents I have been blessed with. It really is sometimes overwhelming to think that so much life runs through my veins and I can really achieve everything I want if I just put my mind to it. The fear of succeeding has haunted me most of my life to the point where I just give up. Fear is the destroyer of dreams and self.

What has happened in 2016 that has made me feel so meh about it all:

Honestly for the most part I feel like it was a complete failure. Emotionally I feel undone and torn about the end result of the year and believe me I went into the new year feeling even more torn and broken than I thought I would. I had such high hopes (still do) for the year and somehow I still feel like it was just as unproductive as the last and all the years before that.

Yet… The year was wonderful. I had found something I thought to had been lost all this time, me. I found myself in all the turmoil of starting my performance and visual arts studio, launching my music career and being a mom and wife. I found something inside me that just wouldn’t give up even when I wanted to. It just kept going. I can listen to my ego and not pay it no mind, because I had found me.

I realized that every day is a gift and we rush in and out of years hoping for some kind of change when the clock strikes 12 but we forget that changes doesn’t lie in the world but it lies within us. The further in time we move the more we get left behind if we don’t move with it.

Time waits for no-one and so we must live.

I don’t live for tomorrow I live for today. I do what I can today and I celebrate today because tomorrow is out of our hands and yesterday is a lesson.

Management of self is needed in order to be successful:

Manage your thoughts and feelings

Manage your response time

Manage your time

Manage your life.

Don’t manage your love. Love should flow without interruptions or it purpose won’t be met.

Possibilities are endless in the vast world of knowledge. Learn and be taught.

“You have not done everything until you’ve done it all” Therealpriscillam



Till tomorrow!