The power of words are un-measurable. There is no way of ever anticipating what your choice of words are going to do to whoever they are meant for. We are so careless when using these precious gems that we just throw them around like mangy rocks with no life, no meaning, no purpose and no sound.

Loud they wake me up in the middle of the night; lining up in stanzas, hooks or chorus. Ready to be sculpted for my audience. Sometimes I ask them to go back to sleep, but they are like naughty kids that needs to eat. If I don’t want to wake, it causes a commotion and my whole being comes alive. I need to pen you down, I need to understand why you have chosen me. Sometimes they are right there like a rose garden in full bloom, gorgeous and bright… Other times its just one single word. I hate it when that happens, I’m woken up by some silly word looking for attention and now has me up and pacing because I don’t where it has lost it spacing.

Sometimes it needs no changing. Its perfect just they way I had arranged it. I love when they work with me and I can only add a melody… But then sometimes.. For some or other reason it just makes no sense… What they are saying to me..

I while a go I worked with a friend of mine on a song he wrote… One thing I can say for certain those lyrics were dope, but when you want to put it behind the melody some of the words just didn’t sound right. The worse thing ever for an artist to do it so sacrifice a word or just a letter a two. There is a bond we create when we string these words together to make up our perfect ensemble. But sacrificing that word is like the loosing a child or a lover. It hurts.

The concept around creating has always been complex. Just like life I feel we should never get attached.

In this life we have the tendency to grow so fond of things, people, places that we completely become depended of it. I don’t mean to say that we should not get involved in the matters of life, I just feel that we should somehow down scale on the perception of always being “better off” if we have these things and it makes us superior. I have always had a way with words, I never spoke very well but on a piece of paper my words spoke for themselves.

When people looked at me they could not believe that those words came out of me. That they arrangement made perfect sense and the execution was flawless. Sometimes at the end of the piece I would be exhausted emotionally and almost always not satisfied. Like all things in life everything has a limit, and the new craze is, that the less words you use to describe something the greater you are! Words are being replaced with emojis and with pictures. Soon we will be all dumb because we don’t know how to use our gift anymore. Human emotion as stopped. It hasn’t progressed it has stopped.

The world will never know the pain you go through as a writer when you are limited to 650 words to do an article on a matter that is close to your heart or you have experienced first hand. There is nothing worse that having to cut up your brilliantly researched piece because you have gone 100 words over. It is painful when  your book now has to end.

Sacrificing the word…

I start off with the best first and sometimes I keep it simple and easy so that it softer on the ear. I always teach my students that sometimes sacrificing those long amazing elegant and majestic totally impressive word to replace it with a common more simple word is not as bad you think. Sounding smart doesn’t make you smart. Being easily understood and relate -able makes you smart and memorable.

In life we have not found our balance in the sacrifice realm yet. We don’t know when to use that opportunity effectively and we end up scaring our lives in the process. I have a way with words now that I had never had before and I love it.

I’m not afraid to sacrifice words if I know that it is going to make my work great and will touch many lives when they hear it or read it.