Holy shit! It has really been 2 months since I posted anything on my site… where have I been? What have I been up too? You really have no idea. Well firstly let me apologize for the abandonment I really didn’t mean to just disappear  like that? Well I’m not really sorry because frankly this site doesn’t create any traffic to my career as yet. Yes I’ve had some viewers but nothing really earth shaking and career jet setting. But I guess that is okay… But in due time things are going to change. You better be ready for all the shit I’m going to unload on this site. Now again, this is my site and I will post whatever I think and feel on here… You are more than welcome to engage with me but I am not obliged to entertain anything that I don’t like.

So this site will as of now be the designated site for my writing as an author and other writings… So i have some cool stuff lined up here so stay tuned. I hope to get some loyal fans here who will most def benefit from being with me and supporting therealpriscillam brand.

I have copies of my two self published books here on the site so if you want it in printed form please let me know and I will arrange it for you.

You will be able to ready along with one of the books as of Monday, 21 November 2016  (coz I know ya’ll to lazy to download it and ready it on your pc’s coz you have your phone glued to your hand most of the time), where I will be posting a couple of pages each day… So stay with us… and enjoy the read.


Therealpriscillam is about to take off!