I have read many books teaching about how to manifest the power of the universe which simply means God but because the world is now filled with many people who don’t believe in God we have changed the perception of a higher power by calling it the universe. Now in all these book everything is the same and even when I read the Bible, the parts of the Bible which is not contradictory or which is not trying to guilt trip you… The parts of Jesus and his message I get it. We all need something to live for; something that makes this life and all the hardships a little easier of a load to carry. You see we stop believing in God when we get disappointed in life and the things that happens in our lives, because even though we have the church who teaches us about God and all his infinite power, but somehow the church is still not teaching how to use this wonderful wisdom we receive from God. I have spent my life going from church to church just listening to what the pastors and preachers say. I sit there and when I leave I sometimes feel offended, confused and blatantly angry, other times I feel good, great actually and renewed. You see God has become some sort of weapon and a rouse and there are people in this world who use the word of God as a way to exploit poor people to make them rich and build empires yet the these people still stay poor and unhappy and broken. After many months of giving and offering up, they end up leaving the church and stop believing in God because their lives hasn’t changed the way they were told it would and when they question their pastors about this all they say is that they didn’t believe, they didn’t pray. But I ask why don’t you teach me how to pray, teach me what to say, teach me how to live positively, teach me how to believe, teach me how to manifest the power of God in my life.

The power of God is moving around the world… Can you feel it? Can you feel it? So does the song go. Do you know what the power of God is? Love? Wisdom? Strength? Insight? Compassion? What is the power of God?

The word of God says All things are possible through Christ that is your Lord and Savior all you have to do is believe. The word of God says to us that God lives within us all, as who? As God? As us. Through accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior you will have eternal life. When you accept Jesus when you accept God you ultimately accept yourself for whom and what you are. When you accept God and Jesus you are telling yourself that it is time to make a change. When you come to that point where you realize that you’re living a toxic life and you are busy digging a hole to bury yourself in we turn to the world and its people who teaches us to turn to God and ask for God to bring change in our lives. So what is the power of God? Love. Love of self and love of those around us. The word of God teaches us to firstly love ourselves and when we love ourselves we will not bring harm unto our person. We will make sure that everything we do that directly affects us is positive and to the prosperity of us so that when we reach this “heaven” that we will then share it with our brothers and sisters. Does this make sense? Does this sound familiar?   The Kingdom of God is with us and for us all. I can’t stress enough how self worth and believe in self is so important. If you are attending a church which teaches you to love the pastor more than you love yourself because the pastor is your gateway to God and his infinite power and by loving pastor and blessing pastor you will be blessed and by attending church every Sunday or even all week you will live a better life… All I ask is look at yourself, look at your house, look at your family, is everything still the same, are you the only one changing and does the fact that everyone around you stagnating make you angry. What are you doing about it? How do you feel about it? Do you feel like you have the Power of God? Do you know how to use this Power to change the lives around you? Or do you feel like it’s not about them and you are doing this for you and they will have to make that change themselves? So you still feel lost when you are in your house with your family. Because they don’t get it and you leave them behind because they don’t understand? What have you learned from your church? How to ridicule? How to judge? How to exorcise demons? How to exploit people? How to belittle people? How to break people’s self worth so you feel good? Look at your pastor look at your church? Is he sharing the power of God with you? Is he teaching you all that he knows, and does what he teaches you make sense, is it affecting your life positively? Can you go out in the world with what he had teaches you and save people from their Egos (The Devil) and bring about positive change in their lives? If you ask him; Pastor how did you achieve all this and he tells you it’s by the grace of God, ask him what the grace of God is and how can you achieve it too. He will tell you to believe… Believe in what? In God and the power of God? Which is?

You. Everything in life is possible. Don’t live a double negative life. The law of the universe teaches us what we put out in the universe, through thoughts and words and actions is what we will get back. The word of God teaches us what we sow we shall reap. Same concept just under different teaching methods but still comes down to the same thing. Everything we want in this life is possible if we believe in ourselves. God teaches us to believe in him and he is us and runs through our veins as the blood of life.

I think that if we for a second stop and think about what God actually means and what the real Power in his name is and how we can help brothers and sisters manifest him in their lives we will have many happy positive and successful people in the world.

You see we are too busy protecting God and his existence that we forget who and what he is and most importantly what he stands for what his message is and how to manifest him in our lives. We are looking for ways to show the world he doesn’t exist, we are out there looking for ways to discredit the power of God by showing scientific evidence that he doesn’t exist that everything we are living in this life is man made. Remember God never appeared to us a human being, only through Jesus Christ did he supposedly take on human form (Which also kind of don’t make sense but for the sake of the Bible and its tales we will go with it) to show people how powerful he is, but the teaching of Jesus Christ has always been simple. You must have Faith, You must Believe, You must Live a Favored life. He always stresses this one thing and to me it is so beautiful, it is not I who has saved you But Your Faith. His teaching was about maintaining that Faith that Believe you have achieved through his teachings so that you can live a prosperous life and share that wisdom with our brothers and sisters and help them find their inner God and accepting him as themselves.

You see we need a God. When we can’t find the strength to believe in our self we need a God to tell us, it’s all within you. Look for me I’m right there waiting for you open the door and let me in so that I can bring out the best in you. We need a God to be the person who we can talk to and who we can argue with when our Ego’s(the Devil) wants to take our thoughts and decision making from us and turn it into negative. We need a God to show us the beauty of nature who lives life by no rules or authority but lives in harmony with all the elements whether it be destructive or fruitful, it finds a way to still amaze and astonish us on a daily basis. We need a God to give our lives meaning. We need a God to show us that we are meant to all be great and that we all have the ability to have the lives we deserve. But what we need more than God, what God means when he says that you should firstly accept my son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, is teachers, mentors like Jesus who makes it their life mission to teach us how to manifest God and his wonderful Power into our lives and help us become disciplines and continue to teach the word of God so that everyone may enter the gates of Heaven.

What a wonderful world it would be if we all loved each other as we loved ourselves? Now imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we only really started loving ourselves first?