Today in South Africa we celebrate the passing of one of the world’s most profound and powerful leaders, Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Our country and its people wanted this day to be a public holiday but our Ntata(father) decided on something else for this day. Instead he asked us to offer up only 67minutes of our day our lives to him by doing good for our fellow man (all mankind). Today I don’t want to talk polictics because right now our world is a dire state and we are lost to the grips of power and have forgotten one thing. Love.

I have read many things about Nelson Mandela and I know and believe that he truly wanted to set people free, not only black people but everyone and wanted to make them see that what we are doing by dividing ourselves will evidently destroy us, for in the end we are all the same and in the end nothing matters, not our skin color our stature or our facial features. We are all the same inside. We all have the same red blood running through our veins, we all have only one heart. How can we just decided who is inferior to who? What gives us the right to decided over someone elses life the way we do?

Nelson Mandela make me think of Jesus. Jesus didn’t come to this earth to be a celebrity or to gain wealth or to rule, he came to this earth to teach us to love each other even if it cost him his life he wanted the world to change needed the world to change. Nelson always spoke of how we are the same and he believed that we had the ability to change the world, but first we need to change inside. Our hearts needed to change. Nelson only wanted us to love each other and care for each other like the brothers and sisters we really are.

So Today on Mandela Day we are suppose to offer 67min of our time up to do good for the people in and around our communities. The people of South Africa wanted a public holiday to celebrate our beloved president with a braai (BBQ) and beer. We wanted to party. It sad that we had forgotten his message just like we have forgotten the message of Jesus Christ. Love thy neighbor as thy love thy self. Sad that we would rather spend hundreds of rands on meat and alcohol when our brothers and sisters out there in our communities are starving falling victim to this messed up society we have created which teaches us that our lives because of the color of our skin can only go in one direction. Its sad that even our middle class people are emotionally suffering because they work their asses off to be a part of a society that will ridicule and crucify them for even thinking they are remotely allowed to live a life other than what their skin color prescribes. For a long time I was part of the nation who would rather have wanted to sleep late today and chill with my friends later to drink a couple of beers and gossip about everyone and tonight go home and sleep. Yes just last year that was me. But today, I’m renewed. Today I realised that my 67min will change someone’s life today. It will cause a shift in the universe because I feel good about doing my 67min of good today. I’m excited to execute my plan of happiness and joy! I get it now.

He gave us 67min to truly be human beings. To embrace that wonderful power of love and of compassion. Just 67minutes, not a day, not a month, not a year, not our lives, just 67min. It takes me more time to do my hair or wash my car, so why can’t I just do it? I don’t have the money or resources to do 67min. Yep this was me too… We believe in order to make a change we need money if not than we can’t make a change or our change will not be significant enough and will go unoticed. We have turned 67min into a contest some sort of competition showing off our wealth and our power and we dare and challenged any and everyone to beat us. Yes and this makes other people feel inferior to doing good and intimidated. But I got over that fear and just said to myself, you have ability to make people feel good, to make people laugh to make someone smile. Shouldn’t that be enough? You have talents and you have gifts? Shouldn’t that be the only resources you need? And If you had the money would you really do 67min? If you were in a financial posistion today to do something wonderful and life inspiring for Mandela Day would you do it?

I’m doing my 67min for Mandela Day by entertaining the kids in my area with some fun and games after school and giving them a snack. Why because I love seeing children happy and I want to make them happy. Make them feel good and like they are enough and belong right here where they are. Our kids today are lost not just in the evils and destructions of this world but in their hearts and minds to. Our kids are unhappy and sad and feel unloved unwanted and it breaks my heart to see a child suffer emotionally. They can fight a hungry tummy and a cold body, they are toughter then you think, but a broken heart will kill them. If you are handing them that soup and sandwhich today are you talking to them, smiling at them them, giving them a little hug when they say thank you. That little bit of compassion and love you are showing them today might be the only they have ever felt and will ever feel.

So I today even if you don’t have the money to do whatever it is you would like to do, get involved with people who are doing something you feel strongly about. Don’t be mad because they are doing what you wanted to do and thus stay away drowing in your vain jealousy. Get up and go and help! Get invloved do your bit! Every little counts in a country like South Africa. We are such a diverse and close nation we need to stand together and make a change.

Thank you Mtata Madiba! Thank You Jesus Christ! For the message. 67Minutes of creating new life in lives that are lost and forgotten.