Are you comfortable with the human being you are?
As women we have spent most of our lives in the shadow of the women who came before us and unfortunately it has not always been a person of good example or morals. Women have always been disregarded since the time we can remember, but when we look at nature there is much that contradicts this fact. We as female human beings have somewhere in our existence given authority over our lives and our existence to the male human beings. We had submitted to be ruled over. Now as the bible says that we “have” to obey/submit to our husbands but we keep forgetting is that the bible also says that man shall love his wife like he loves his own flesh, she will be second in his life next to God. Wow… How powerful is that for us women. How great is the word; the words which men ignore but has the nerve to constantly remind us about the word which tells of us obeying them. Now why would God give such commands to the human race? So that equality may reign over man kind. EQUALITY. Naturally if you are treated with love kindness and respect you can’t help but give love kindness and respect. So what does that cursed scriptures really mean. My take on this is and will always be:

If you love someone man or woman and you respect them as a person for what they do and who they are submitting (obeying) yourself to them will come naturally. But this can only happen if the said person loves themselves enough and are at peace with themselves and of course respects themselves enough to have someone else’s life in their hands and place theirs in the hands of someone else. Submitting is a giving of being; something far deeper than shallow infatuation that quickly passes.

Wow… Now this is powerful stuff really. Isn’t it great to know that one day we will all have the ability to only love one person and not live life feeling lingered. Wait hold up? Am I not doing that now? Are you? If you look at/think about your partner right now, what do you feel? Regardless if you are angry with each other because you had a fight or argument, what do you feel; inside your heart; inside your being? Have you submitted yet? Do you submit in your said relationships ever?

If you have submitted yourself to your husband your wife your life partner, you will feel about them the same way you feel about your best friend. Yes we are all guilty of doing this; we submit fully to friendship but don’t submit to our relationship with our partners, because society has told us that we can’t be friends with our boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives/partners… So clearly there is something wrong with our way of thinking? How are relationships/marriages/unions suppose to last if we are not completely submitted to each other. It’s sad, because that is what kills relationships and breaks up happy homes. We are not connected. We are not truly one.

We are not one. Well, for the most part we are not one, the important parts that is. The really important parts. The things that you may deem important in your current life might turn out to be nothing but space fillers and time passers and also the worst excuses. I have looked are relationships and I have assessed human behaviour and it’s all very fascinating. Now I’m not a doctor or a psychologist or whatever society feels I need to have qualified in to state facts or whatever, but to me this has never been a matter of deep psychological searching, its been pretty straight forward, its all really common sense.

And again it goes back to the Bible the scriptures; love thy neighbour as thy love thy self. I can go into the Bible and find evidence of how we should be living and accordance to that we will have wonderful prosperous lives, yet we can not let go of one thing not in this time or the time of the Bible or the time before; the destroyer of many things, lives, homes, and nations.

The need to have Power and not just little power ALL POWER.  Now over the next couple of weeks I will be writing some pieces on subjects I think that needs to be addressed in order to find some direction to a new age of really coming together as a family (one nation). I will mostly be focusing on women and our roles in the existence of human kind and also our part in our society and how we have impacted the lives of the people in our families and those around us. Because in all truth it started with us.

This is going to be very exciting and insightful and I would love for all the readers get involved and share their views on the topics as well. We are all human beings and we don’t always need a fancy qualification to help each other to improve our daily lives, we just need an open mind and sometimes a still tongue.

So follow me and let’s change our perception about ourselves first before we even attempt to change the lives of others around us.