Sometimes I wish people would just shut up!

It really is so annoying when you’re busy saying something, sharing your point of view and someone just feels the need to say something back. Instead of just saying “sure” or “yes” or “that is so interesting” or “I see your point” they feel the need to take what you have said and just completely rip it out of proportion and completely miss what you have said and form such a really stupid opinion about it that really had nothing to do with what you have said but is just their way of feeling less guilty or stupid or whatever is they feel to be somehow superior over you. It really just pisses me the fuck off. Shut up! Like really… Just shut up!

So you can relate to some of what I said, but that doesn’t mean you can bombard my story with your clear jealousy of my opinion and act like its all good, well it’s not. I really don’t mind people having an opinion or a view point, but stick to the topic at hand. Don’t wonder off because what is being said hits home and kind of makes you feel out of place. If you fucked up deal with it and move on. You can’t forever keep justify it, you have to say yeah man, that happened to me and I really fucked up. It is good that all messes at the end of the day get cleaned up and our lives get a happy ending, but repent and thy shall be saved. (in your own time and in your own space).

No-one is attacking you! OMG… I swear when you say anything remotely the same about something that might have happened in someone’s life they act like you are attacking them, when in most cases you’re just talking from experience and you feel that maybe sharing your story would make someone change their ways. I really don’t get why people can’t respect the next person’s opinion.


Everything in this life has become a competition since social media became a really big thing. Now suddenly everyone has something to say about something, someone, a group or whoever. There is no place to hide anymore because people will call each other out in front of thousands of people just to make a statement. Social bullies are on the rise and sites like Facebook and Twitter has really become a war zone where these cyber bullies spread their wrath of destruction on innocent people. They say if you don’t have anything positive to say don’t say anything at all, and I agree but sometimes you really just can’t help yourself.

I’ve always been someone who is very verbal about things that bother me or that I feel need to be said. Most of the time it’s really not directed at anyone but just my opinion, my views and that is just it. Most of the time I have found that people agree with me and I feel that I have the balls to say things I think many are too afraid to say and wait for someone like me to come along and turn shit up.

I don’t like hypocrites, and I feel that this world are full of undercover haters who really are just out there waiting for you to say something that they can burn you on in a “mooi” way, while completely ignoring the issue because really they are just out to make you look bad. Well I don’t have a problem looking bad or people hating me because I speak what I feel is the truth, so call me out about something that is not true in what I say and I will take a step back, but if you get emotional offended about something I say, just shut up… Because I will ignore you because your opinion clearly comes from a place of clouded judgement and maybe even jealousy. Freedom of speech bitches!