Hello God (The love in my heart)… It’s wonderful to finally meet you.

I’m neither a born again Christian nor am I am atheist but I don’t believe in God (the man-made religion God). What are you saying Priscilla you don’t believe in God… Well if you don’t believe in God than you must be an atheist and most defiantly from the devil. You are going straight to hell! Am I really going to Hell for not believing in Your God? I’m twenty nine years old and I have always question this whole religion thing. Religion? What is this thing religion?

Religion: The belief in and worship of a Superhuman Controlling power, especially a Personal God or gods. A particular system of faith and worship. A pursuit or interest followed with great Devotion.

Now if I had to wake up one day and decide that I was going to start my own religion free of a God people would surely crucify me and call me the Devil. Everything that is not done in the name of a God is obviously wrong… But what if I based my religion purely on Love. A religion where we Love each other and allow ourselves to be loved wouldn’t that be same as Loving God hence the teachings God is Love.

We have made God into a person and God is not a person God is a sense of being… God is Love and that is what Jesus the son of Man came to teach us so desperately that he ended up dying because we were lost in the material gratification of this world. We needed something someone who could prove to us that this feeling inside us comes from somewhere. God is the good in us the wonderful feeling of love and happiness and gratitude and when we have God we can conquer everything in this life, but somehow we keep failing why is that?

In The Old Testament the people were tormented by the devil and consumed by anger, greed, fear and everything that gave them power and authority over another human life. And for years they tried to free themselves from their devil’s, but they couldn’t. Why is that? Because even though they said that they believed in God, they never had God (Love). They never got God (Love). What he was saying and even after everything he inflicted on the human beings; pain and suffering they still to this day keep failing. That is why to this day some countries are still fighting and what are they fighting over… God (Power and authority).  The human being will always be lost until they find God. God is the frequency where you know when to do the right thing when the wrong things is so easy to follow. It is not what your pastor says is the right thing, but when God (the feeling in your heart) tells you it’s the right thing. Now, people do many evil things and horrible things in the name of God, so is that right too, it is not our place to judge (but we still do), it is our place to help to love to forgive and then to walk away.

Whatever spirit you embody and allow to have complete control over you becomes your God doesn’t matter if it’s Good or Bad, that is your God and you will have to answer to your God on judgment day (Death whether physical or matter physical).

The bible said that the devil was once an angel and I can surely believe that. You know why, because we are all born innocent. We are born out of Love but not with love. But as we grow our mind become manipulated by other humans actions and believes. You think you were born and all this love and believes were in you already? Don’t be in denial. You were taught these things. You were not born with love and happiness, you were born with only one instinct and that was to survive the rest you grew into.

Why was Jesus really crucified? Because he made people realize that they can do whatever they want in this life if they believe in themselves and in each other. If they believed that by helping each other they can achieve wonderful things and be a great nation undivided and harmonious they could have everything they wanted in this life. Together with Love at the anchor we as a human race can be amazing. But we can’t have that, we can’t have people going around thinking that everything in this world was for them no no no…. We must stop this person. We need to keep people enslaved with fear of damnation and when you are pumped full of fear you become hateful and resentful and soon… You are lost at the command of your worst enemy… Your Ego (The Devil), and the Ego’s of everyone around you. What a horrible place that is (Hell).

Just think about a world much like heaven right here on earth free from God because everyone wants to be some kind of God. This makes me laugh. You know why it makes me laugh, because when “God” is not there we blame the Devil for all the wrong in our lives but we forget to blame one other being… God. Oh Priscilla, you are going to Hell… We damn you to Hell. Well if you keep saying in your head over and over again, surely Your God will hear you and I will mostly likely go to Hell… But that is if I only believe in what you say, that is only If I give your words power over my life that is only If I believe in your God that is only If I allow you to plant the seed of fear into my heart. Only then will I burn, but I have a choice and my Choice is to believe in My God. The God of Love and Peace and of Happiness and Joy. You see my God has taught me through his scriptures to choose.

Why choice? You know I have always been baffled by this one thing… If God was so wonderful and powerful, if he can do so many thing great things, that he has… Why do we as humans keep surviving? Why not kill Adam and Eve and just not create a tree of wisdom and start again? Why leave us with the burden of choice? It is such a dreadful thing choice? Torn between God (right) and the Devil (wrong) on a daily basis. If God was so superior and jealous and whatever else the bible say he is, why give us a choice between him and someone else? Maybe because he wants to punish us, likes punishing us, like we are naughty children and his the father waiting for us to fail so that he can enjoy whipping us and laying down the law. Isn’t that a familiar sight? You go to your pastor and you tell him that you have been having these terrible thoughts and he tells you to pray about it and give it to God and he will make it all go away, and you go home and still the thoughts are there, haunting you and taunting you and you pray to God you pray but still its there nothing telling  you to do the right thing ( You know what the right thing is – God (your heart) keeps telling you what it is… Showing you day in and day out, but no – you need something real, something more than a feeling you need God (the person your pastor and society has created in your mind) and then you finally act on the terrible things you have been thinking (The Devil) it and end up losing everything. And then you go back to church and your pastor tell you that you were doing it wrong. They tells you that you didn’t believe and that are weak and everything that makes you feel horrible as a person and you end up leaving the church and your life becomes so bad that you can’t even recognize the person looking back at you in the mirror. You stop believing in God… What a terrible thing to ever endure.

So what does Church teach us? What does religion teach us? Does it teach us to love? Does it teach us what love is? Real Love… Not this stupid feeling you get when you meet a girl or boy or the imprinted feeling in your heart for your family from birth. God… This is truly amazing this Love. Oh God loving you (me + my neighbor + my brother + my enemy + my child + everyone) is so amazing. Does your church preach only about fear, and sin and damnation? Do you really need to know the bad? Isn’t it bad to speak badly and therefore when you speak badly or negatively all you can expect back is bad and negative things?

So here is my take on God. I believe there is a wonderful divine higher power manifested within us. A power so strong that it can surely make man move mountains and part the seas if he believed with all his heart and mind together as one. I believe that we had evolved and had become who we are from our curious nature. God is within us all. We are him and he is us (Man was created to God’s image). Everything that we read in the bible is events of this that has happened when people manifested this wonderful power within them and also abused the wonderful power within them. It’s sad that we can’t have complete control over our minds as some individual has had in the past. We only use a small fraction of our brain capacity; so just imagine if we could access all of it how wonderful can’t this world be.

People waiting for God to come… Waiting for Jesus to come… God says he can only helps those who help themselves… What are you doing while you are waiting? Praying? Praying for whom? Praying for what? Are you praying because you feel guilty? Are you praying because it’s a must? Are you going to church because that is what makes you good Christian and gives you approval in the eyes of the other failing sinful human beings out there, but when no-one is watching you assaulting and abusing the people around you what are you then? You’re a sinner who believes that God will forgive you all your sins, but can you forgive?

Oh what a wonderful world we have created for ourselves… Why because we are taught that even if we do all the bad and evil things in this world, God forgives. Does God forgive? Again Choice… When your spouse cheats on you after they had made a vow of love and honor, but then they stray and cheat, firstly they ask for forgiveness… Now you have a choice. God says that we should forgive, but he also says if you decide to mingle with bad people you will only get bad things come to you. This doesn’t make sense… Sure it does… Do you think after you have forgiven your partner for cheating that you will ever really trust them again? Your Ego will get the better of you and turn you into someone you don’t know. It will make you evil and vindictive and it will make you crazy. And believe me, it will make you feel like you were the reason they had strayed off the path. But what do I do… Leave? Divorce is a sin. Well… Death of self is what needs to happened. You can’t be with someone who is going to kill you (spiritually) without them even knowing it. So let it die, the marriage and the person. That is what the people in the bible did… They were born again… They became new and this can be for the both of you. Become new people together, asses what the problem (Devil) for the infidelity was and let it die, burn it, let it turn to ash and become a part of the earth and start to love (God = him +her +us).

Fear! Fear! I always ask people as a test of their faith what they are more afraid of in this life… Death or their sins? You see death is but one thing, but our sin… Now that is what makes us fear death really doesn’t it… Not getting the chance to make things right with God before we die… It’s not God we need to make things right with its with ourselves… All the sin we have inflicted on our being… Have you apologized to your heart for allow it to be broken and bruised? Have you said sorry to your body for all the drugs and alcohol and toxins you have pumped into it? Have you made right with God (You)? The bible says that God can only forgive you when you are ready and able to forgive yourself and become new… What a revelation… It is in our/your hands?

Many people have asked me if I’m a born again Christian… No! I say, but I love my God. I believe that he is amazing. He has taught me to choose what is right for me and to live my life as I see best for me. People are so easily affected and manipulated by the outside world and sometimes it’s good to just be an outcast and stare at it all. All the God fearing people, I love listening to the new findings of God and Jesus and the bible and new movements preaching of God and his plan and Jesus is coming and everything else. And it saddens me at the same time, because no one talks out about love, caring and sharing. I have to confess I’m not sharing at the moment, but I give love. I don’t feel sorry for people I can’t help anymore, I feel love for them. And I don’t pray for material wealth for them but love.

Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Yes… Well, what if you get to the gates of heaven and God tells you that Jesus was a drug addict and as a young man he raped a woman and stole from his parents and killed a man and you had to kiss his feet in order to get into heaven… You would do it without thinking twice and not judge him because he was Jesus, but what if God still told you that you can’t enter because your heart is not pure. What would you say? No God! Look at him, he is a sinner and you allowed him to be a king and I have kissed his feet because of love for you (God).Where is your love for Jesus now? Did you kiss Jesus’s feet because you loved him regardless of who he was and what he has done or because you wanted to get into heaven? Impress God. You see, Jesus was a man, he bled and he died. He was flawed and he was not perfect but he believed in himself and he loved everyone on this earth. He didn’t have to tell everyone what he was going through and what he had done and the struggles he faced as young man because he knew that would make people doubt and they would not believe. They need only hear the truth about their lives and about God and his message of Love and forgives and of caring. Jesus loved doing more for others than what other was doing for him and that made him so happy. He knew that he had to die even if it was only to save a few souls, and believe me, not everyone believed but the few who did lived a happy wonderful blessed life because they had the love of Jesus Christ in their hearts.

Are you behaving Godly today? Do you have God in your heart? Have you looked in the mirror and said Hello to God and thanked him for all the love in your heart, the feeling in your hands and the warmth of your smile? All the things that could change someone’s life today all inside you. Isn’t it amazing that you embody God?

Are you still searching for God in other people? Waiting for them to point God out to you? Well, I will tell you he is not that far… He is everywhere in everyone and around everything.

Just look.